New film will attempt to argue that the word “homosexual” was never meant to be included in the Bible. Does the Bible really forbit homosexual relations?

There are many behaviors that we recognize as sinful despite not being directly described as such in the Bible. Drinking and driving and drug abuse immediately come to mind. But a new film, 1946, will attempt to not just argue that homosexuality is not a sin, but that the word should have never appeared in

Children’s TV show “Blue’s Clues” propagandizes LGBT during “Pride Month” with video sung by cartoon transvestite touting various forms of LGBT identification.

A recent Blue's Clues video went viral during June's "Pride Month" for it's shocking celebration of LGBT identification as "loving each other proudly". The video, sung by a cartoon drag queen (RuPaul's Nina West) to the tune of "The Ants Go Marching", is being accused of using slogan repetition to propagandize LGBT identification to its

Chick-fil-A ceases donations to anti-LGBT organizations, including Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Chick-fil-A says it will no longer contribute to two charitable foundations that have been criticized by liberal media for their belief that sex outside marriage, homosexual marriages, and other alternative lifestyles are unacceptable to God. Chick-fil-A noted that contributions to the Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes will cease and instead, monies will be

Canadian couple’s case stonewalled after 1st grade teacher shows video from YouTube’s Queer Kid Stuff stating there’s no such thing as girls and boys.

A Canadian couple is livid after their elementary school showed first graders a video taken from the YouTube channel, Queer Kid Stuff, and the teacher told the children “there is no such things as girls and boys”. The video went on to say that there’s nothing wrong with boys wearing women’s dresses stating, “Well, Teddy,

Why are children’s TV networks championing gay-friendly agendas? Behind the pro-LGBT prejudice on popular children’s cartoon shows.

Parents know the importance of being aware of the television shows their children watch. But when it comes to kid's cartoons, we often blindly assume the producers of children's television shows will not promote political and moral agendas on young children. Many are unaware that children's TV networks are already blatantly championing a gay-friendly agenda

California initiates travel ban to states it says use religious freedom to disallow adoptions for gay/transgender couples

California has initiated a travel ban to states is says use “religious freedom” as a basis for “discrimination” against gays and transgender people. Announced yesterday by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra under state law AB 1887, travel is prohibited for state-funded and state-sponsored travel to eight states – Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee,

“Homophobia” shaves years off your life? How Christians can handle society’s ever-changing moral standards

Slipped to the public under the guise of serious scientific research, a Columbia University research team released a research paper which concludes that homophobia shaves years off your life – 2.5 years to be exact.  Their stated solution is for society to accept homosexuality as a conventional moral standard in order to improve the health of

A&E suspends Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson after star sounds off his belief that homosexuality is a sin

A&E suspension of Phil Robertson A&E took another swing at Christian morals today when they announced that "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson has been suspended from the hit A&E reality series indefinitely after stating in a magazine article that gays were sinners. The statements were made in the January 2014 edition of GQ magazine. According to