Detailed outline of the Book of Colossians

Introduction (1:1–14) Greetings (1:1–2) Thanksgiving (1:3–8) Prayer (1:9–14) The Supremacy of Christ (1:15–23) Paul’s Labor for the Church (1:24—2:7) His Ministry for the Sake of the Church (1:24–29) His Concern for the Spiritual Welfare of His Readers (2:1–7) Freedom from Human Regulations through Life with Christ (2:8–23) Warning to Guard against the False Teachers (2:8–15) Pleas to Reject the False Teachers (2:16–19) An Analysis of the Heresy (2:20–23) Rules for Holy Living (3:1—4:6) The Old Self and the New Self (3:1–17) Rules for Christian Households (3:18—4:1) Further Instructions (4:2–6) Final Greetings and Benediction (4:7–18)