Introduction and detailed outline of the Book of Genesis – creation, world history, history of the patriarchs

The original Hebrew title of Genesis is bereshit (BEHR-uh-shith) which means, "in beginning".  This was later translated to Greek and given the title "Genesis", which means beginning or origin, which is the translation we use today. Genesis is the first book in the Pentateuch (PEN-tuh-tyook) and although the author of…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Exodus – Israel’s deliverance, covenant, God’s royal tent

Exodus is the second book in the Pentateuch and although the author of Exodus is unknown, it is believed the same person wrote all five books of the Pentateuch. Jewish and Christian traditions attribute the Pentateuch to Moses who plays a key part in the narrative.  The source of the…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Leviticus – offerings – cleanliness, atonement, and holy living

Large amounts of the Pentateuch (first five books of the Old Testament), if not all, are believed to have been written by Moses.  Leviticus is the third book of five in the Pentateuch. Leviticus continues the theme found in Exodus - that God is holy and his people should be…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Numbers – journey to the Promise Land, the new generation

The book of Numbers shows how God dealt faithfully with his people even though they were often unfaithful.  Numbers challenges God's people to live righteous lives according to the lessons taught to us through the Bible.  The title "Numbers" is based on the two censuses presented in chapters 1 and…
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Detailed outline of the book of Deuteronomy – the Covenant stipulations, blessings, curses, leadership

Preamble (1:1–5) Historical Prologue (1:6—4:43) Stipulations of the Covenant (4:44—26:19) The Great Commandment: The Demand for Absolute Allegiance (4:44—11:32) God’s covenant Lordship (4:44—5:33) The principle of consecration (ch. 6) The program for conquering Canaan (ch. 7) A call to commitment in the new land (ch. 8) The lesson of the…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Joshua – Entry, conquest, and distribution of the Promise Land

The Entrance into the Land (1:1—5:12) The Exhortations to Conquer (ch. 1) The Reconnaissance of Jericho (ch. 2) The Crossing of the Jordan (chs. 3–4) The Consecration at Gilgal (5:1–12) The Conquest of the Land (5:13—12:24) The Initial Battles (5:13—8:35) The victory at Jericho (5:13—6:27) The failure at Ai because…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Judges – oppression and deliverance for Israel

Prologue: Incomplete Conquest and Apostasy (1:1—3:6) First Episode: Israel’s Failure to Purge the Land (1:1—2:5) Second Episode: God’s Dealings with Israel’s Rebellion (2:6—3:6) Oppression and Deliverance (3:7—16:31) Othniel Defeats Aram Naharaim (3:7–11) Ehud Defeats Moab (3:12–30) Shamgar (3:31) Deborah Defeats Canaan (chs. 4–5) Gideon Defeats Midian (chs. 6–8) (Abimelech, the…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Ruth – Ruth, Naomi, Boaz, and the genealogy of David

Introduction: Naomi Emptied (1:1–5) Naomi Returns from Moab (1:6–22) Ruth Clings to Naomi (1:6–18) Ruth and Naomi Return to Bethlehem (1:19–22) Ruth and Boaz Meet in the Harvest Fields (ch. 2) Ruth Begins Work (2:1–7) Boaz Shows Kindness to Ruth (2:8–16) Ruth Returns to Naomi (2:17–23) Naomi Sends Ruth to…
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1 Kings

Detailed outline of 1 Kings – Era of Solomon, Jeroboam, the Prophet Elijah

The Solomonic Era (1:1—12:24) Solomon’s Succession to the Throne (1:1—2:12) Solomon’s Throne Established (2:13–46) Solomon’s Wisdom (ch. 3) Solomon’s Reign Characterized (ch. 4) Solomon’s Building Projects (5:1—9:9) Preparation for building the temple (ch. 5) Building the temple (ch. 6) Building the palace (7:1–12) The temple furnishings (7:13–51) Dedication of the…
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