Detailed outline of the Book of Romans

Introduction (1:1–15) Theme: Righteousness fro4m God (1:16–17) The Unrighteousness of All People (1:18—3:20) Gentiles (1:18–32) Jews (2:1—3:8) Summary: All People (3:9–20) Righteousness Imputed: Justification (3:21—5:21) Through Christ (3:21–26) Received by Faith (3:27—4:25) The principle established (3:27–31) The principle illustrated (ch. 4) The Fruits of Righteousness (5:1–11) Summary: Humanity’s Unrighteousness Contrasted with God’s Gift of Righteousness (5:12–21) Righteousness Imparted: Sanctification (chs. 6–8) Freedom from Sin’s Tyranny (ch. 6) Freedom from the Law’s Condemnation (ch. 7) Life in the Power of the Holy Spirit (ch. 8) God’s Righteousness Vindicated: The Justice of His Way with Israel (chs. 9–11) The Justice of God’s Rejection of Israel (9:1–29) The Cause of That Rejection (9:30—10:21) The Rejection Is Neither Complete nor Final (ch. 11) There is even now a