Proverbs 1 (BBT Translation)

1:1 The Proverbs of Solomon son of David, king of Israel: 1:2 To learn wisdom and moral instruction, and to discern wise counsel. 1:3 To receive moral instruction in skillful living, in righteousness, justice, and equity. 1:4 To impart shrewdness to the morally naive, and a discerning plan to the young person. 1:5 (Let the wise also hear and gain instruction, and let

Proverbs 2 (BBT Translation)

Benefits of Seeking Wisdom 2:1 My child, if you receive my words, and store up my commands within you, 2:2 by making your ear attentive to wisdom, and by turning your heart to understanding, 2:3 indeed, if you call out for discernment – raise your voice for understanding – 2:4 if you seek it like silver, and search for it like hidden treasure, 2:5

Proverbs 3 (BBT Translation)

Exhortations to Seek Wisdom and Walk with the Lord 3:1 My child, do not forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments, 3:2 for they will provide a long and full life, and they will add well-being to you. 3:3 Do not let truth and mercy leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your

Proverbs 4 (BBT Translation)

Admonition to Follow Righteousness and Avoid Wickedness 4:1 Listen, children, to a father’s instruction, and pay attention so that you may gain discernment. 4:2 Because I give you good instruction, do not forsake my teaching. 4:3 When I was a son to my father, a tender only child before my mother, 4:4 he taught me, and he said to me: “Let your heart

Proverbs 5 (BBT Translation)

Admonition to Avoid Seduction to Evil 5:1 My child, be attentive to my wisdom, pay close attention to my understanding, 5:2 in order to safeguard discretion, and that your lips may guard knowledge. 5:3 For the lips of the adulterous woman drip honey, and her seductive words are smoother than olive oil, 5:4 but in the end she is bitter as wormwood, sharp

Proverbs 6 (BBT Translation)

Admonitions and Warnings against Dangerous and Destructive Acts 6:1 My child, if you have made a pledge for your neighbor, and have become a guarantor for a stranger, 6:2 if you have been ensnared by the words you have uttered, and have been caught by the words you have spoken, 6:3 then, my child, do this in order to deliver

Proverbs 7 (BBT Translation)

Admonition to Avoid the Wiles of the Adulteress 7:1 My child, keep my words and treasure up my commands in your own keeping. 7:2 Keep my commands so that you may live, and obey my instruction as your most prized possession. 7:3 Bind them on your forearm; write them on the tablet of your heart. 7:4 Say to wisdom, “You are my

Proverbs 8 (BBT Translation)

The Appeal of Wisdom 8:1 Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice? 8:2 At the top of the elevated places along the way, at the intersection of the paths she takes her stand; 8:3 beside the gates opening into the city, at the entrance of the doorways she cries out: 8:4 “To you, O people, I call out, and

Proverbs 9 (BBT Translation)

The Consequences of Accepting Wisdom or Folly 9:1 Wisdom has built her house; she has carved out its seven pillars. 9:2 She has prepared her meat, she has mixed her wine; she also has arranged her table. 9:3 She has sent out her female servants; she calls out on the highest places of the city. 9:4 “Whoever is naive, let him turn

Proverbs 10 (BBT Translation)

The First Collection of Solomonic Proverbs 10:1 The Proverbs of Solomon: A wise child makes a father rejoice, but a foolish child is a grief to his mother. 10:2 Treasures gained by wickedness do not profit, but righteousness delivers from mortal danger. 10:3 The LORD satisfies the appetite of the righteous, but he thwarts the craving of the wicked. 10:4 The one who