Detailed outline of the Book of Luke (The Gospel According to Luke)

The Preface (1:1–4) The Births of John the Baptist and Jesus (1:5—2:52) The Annunciations (1:5–56) The Birth of John the Baptist (1:57–80) The Birth and Childhood of Jesus (ch. 2) The Preparation of Jesus for His Public Ministry (3:1—4:13) His Forerunner (3:1–20) His Baptism (3:21–22) His Genealogy (3:23–38) His Temptation (4:1–13) His Ministry in Galilee (4:14—9:9) The Beginning of the Ministry in Galilee (4:14–41) The First Tour of Galilee (4:42—5:39) A Sabbath Controversy (6:1–11) The Choice of the 12 Apostles (6:12–16) The Sermon on the Plain (6:17–49) Miracles in Capernaum and Nain (7:1–18) The Inquiry of John the Baptist (7:19–29) Jesus and the Pharisees (7:30–50) The Second Tour of Galilee (8:1–3) The Parables of the Kingdom (8:4–21) The Trip across the Sea of Galilee