2 Corinthians

Detailed outline of 2 Corinthians

Apologetic: Paul’s Explanation of His Conduct and Apostolic Ministry (chs. 1–7) Greetings (1:1–2) Thanksgiving for Divine Comfort in Affliction (1:3–11) The Integrity of Paul’s Motives and Conduct (1:12—2:4) Forgiving the Offending Party at Corinth (2:5–11) God’s Direction in Ministry (2:12–17) The Corinthian Believers—a Letter from Christ (3:1–11) Seeing the Glory of God with Unveiled Faces (3:12—4:6) Treasure in Clay Jars (4:7–16a) The Prospect of Death and What It Means for the Christian (4:16b—5:10) The Ministry of Reconciliation (5:11—6:10) A Spiritual Father’s Appeal to His Children (6:11—7:4) The Meeting with Titus (7:5–16) Hortatory: The Collection for the Christians at Jerusalem (chs. 8–9) Generosity Encouraged (8:1–15) Titus and His Companions Sent to Corinth (8:16—9:5) Results of Generous Giving (9:6–15) Polemical: Paul’s Vindication of His Apostolic Authority