Detailed outline of the book of Jeremiah – Exhortations to Judah, fall of Jerusalem, judgment against nations

Call of the Prophet (ch. 1) Warnings and Exhortations to Judah (chs. 2–35) Earliest Discourses (chs. 2–6) Temple Message (chs. 7–10) Covenant and Conspiracy (chs. 11–13) Messages concerning the Drought (chs. 14–15) Disaster and Comfort (16:1—17:18) Command to Keep the Sabbath Holy (17:19–27) Lessons from the Potter (chs. 18–20) Condemnation of Kings, Prophets and People (chs. 21–24) Foretelling the Babylonian Exile (chs. 25–29) Promises of Restoration (chs. 30–33) Historical Appendix (chs. 34–35) Sufferings and Persecutions of the Prophet (chs. 36–38) Burning Jeremiah’s Scroll (ch. 36) Imprisoning Jeremiah (chs. 37–38) The Fall of Jerusalem and Its Aftermath (chs. 39–45) The Fall Itself (ch. 39) Accession and Assassination of Gedaliah (40:1—41:15) Migration to Egypt (41:16—43:13) Prophecy against Those in Egypt (ch. 44) Historical Appendix: Promise to