Frequently Asked Questions

Are you going to twist logic to fit religious beliefs?

Bible Blender will not mince words nor gloss over points that theologians don’t quite understand.  At the same time, Bible Blender will not close its eyes and ignore criticism from atheists, agnostics, or other biblical detractors nor will we overlook the importance of alternative religious doctrines, ancient documents, or current public sentiment.  Some of what you find here may be controversial.

In a similar vein, Bible Blender will not blindly accept scientific theories as fact nor take proposed scientific fact as infallible, absolute truths (too many supposed scientific truths have later been proven wrong).  We don’t profess to having the wisdom of God nor can we claim to comprehend all the mysteries of our universe.  On the other hand, we recognize the importance of science and the positive impact scientific discoveries have on our society.  We will demonstrate that science and religion are not mutually exclusive areas of knowledge and that in all instances, science supports the bible – not the other way around.

Will our journey prove there is a God?

Right or wrong, Man’s only acceptable evidence of God will be the day we see him in person.  Still, outright disbelief is the product of ignorance and arrogance.  As the astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle asked, “What are the chances that a tornado might blow through a junkyard containing all the parts of a 747, accidentally assemble them into a plane, and leave it ready for takeoff?”  The same logic applies to the creation of our planet, solar system, galaxy, and the universe itself.  Even with our limited knowledge, scientific discoveries and historical evidence do not discount the existence of God.  In fact, they strengthen our faith.  As scientists unwind the complexities of the universe and life itself, they have come to realize that this wonderful but puzzling universe is not a random act. Something has, and is, guiding us.  Our faith tells us that something is “God”.  Bible Blender will show you that belief in a higher power is easy to maintain and in fact, is the only logical, intelligent answer.

But doesn’t the Big Bang counter our belief in God?

The very first sentence in the Bible: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”.  It’s right there in black and white.  Again though, we are not arrogant enough to blindly accept the Big Bang theory as *proven* fact nor are we going to presuppose God did not use the “Big Bang” to create the universe as we know it.  Similarly, Big Bang is a theory and at some point in the future, will likely be expanded, or discounted.  Still, however it all began, we know God kicked the whole thing off.

Where does Jesus fit in?

There are two aspects to this question. Did Jesus exist and was he a deity? The first is very easy to prove given that there is much historical evidence that he existed.  The second, that Jesus was a sent by God to deliver a message to Man, is also easy to prove using simple logic.  If you agree that Jesus was the ultimate moral person and teacher,  it is difficult to assert that the lied about who he was.  It just doesn’t make sense.

Secondly, we can be assured that the stories were not made up or exaggerated.  It’s commonly accepted that the gospels of his life were written immediately after his death and resurrection.  An exaggerated story published immediately after his death would certainly have been countered by detractors and we find little evidence that it was disputed.  In fact – historical documents show his acts were feared!  When placed in context with the historic times, it’s difficult to dispute his claims given the number of people who witnessed his resurrection (in one instance, 500 people saw him move about after his death) and the lengths they took to spread the word (some were tortured and executed because of their beliefs).  For most Christians, faith in Jesus is fairly easy to come by.

So again, why Bible Blender?

Why Bible Blender?  At the very least, because we are intelligent, curious creatures and the Bible is full of interesting information and important lessons.  In truth, because God gave us the Bible as an “owner’s manual” or guidebook to life and we’d be foolish to not use it.

We welcome you to Bible Blender and hope you enjoy your visit!