Detailed outline of the Book of Haggai

First Message: The Call to Rebuild the Temple (1:1–11) The People’s Lame Excuse (1:1–4) The Poverty of the People (1:5–6) The Reason God Has Cursed Them (1:7–11) The Response of Zerubbabel and the People (1:12–15) The Leaders and Remnant Obey (1:12) The Lord Strengthens the Workers (1:13–15) Second Message: The Temple to Be Filled with Glory (2:1–9) The People Encouraged (2:1–5) The Promise of Glory and Peace (2:6–9) Third Message: A Defiled People Purified and Blessed (2:10–19) The Rapid Spread of Sin (2:10–14) Poor Harvests because of Disobedience (2:15–17) Blessing to Come as the Temple Is Rebuilt (2:18–19) Fourth Message: The Promise to Zerubbabel (2:20–23) The Judgment of the Nations (2:20–22) The Significance of Zerubbabel (2:23)