Detailed outline of the Book of Numbers – journey to the Promise Land, the new generation

The book of Numbers shows how God dealt faithfully with his people even though they were often unfaithful.  Numbers challenges God's people to live righteous lives according to the lessons taught to us through the Bible.  The title "Numbers" is based on the two censuses presented in chapters 1 and 26 as well as references to the twelve tribes of Israel.  The Hebrew title of the book is "In the Wilderness".  Tradition holds that the author of Numbers (and all of the Pentateuch) is Moses. Israel at Sinai, Preparing to Depart for the Promised Land (1:1—10:10) The Commands for the Census of the People (chs. 1–4) The numbers of men from each tribe mustered for war (ch. 1) The placement of the tribes around the