Detailed outline of the Book of Ephesians

Greetings (1:1–2) The Divine Purpose: The Glory and Headship of Christ (1:3–14) Prayer That Christians May Realize God’s Purpose and Power (1:15–23) Steps Toward the Fulfillment of God’s Purpose (chs. 2–3) Salvation of Individuals by Grace (2:1–10) Reconciliation of Jew and Gentile through the Cross (2:11–18) Uniting of Jew and Gentile in One Household (2:19–22) Revelation of God’s Wisdom through the Church (3:1–13) Prayer for Deeper Experience of God’s Fullness (3:14–21) Practical Ways to Fulfill God’s Purpose in the Church (4:1—6:20) Unity (4:1–6) Maturity (4:7–16) Renewal of Personal Life (4:17—5:20) Deference in Personal Relationships (5:21—6:9) Principle (5:21) Husbands and wives (5:22–33) Children and parents (6:1–4) Slaves and masters (6:5–9) Strength in the Spiritual Conflict (6:10–20) Conclusion, Final Greetings and Benediction (6:21–24)