1 Corinthians

Detailed outline of 1 Corinthians

Introduction (1:1–9) Divisions in the Church (1:10—4:21) The Fact of the Divisions (1:10–17) The Causes of the Divisions (1:18—4:13) A wrong conception of the Christian message (1:18—3:4) A wrong conception of Christian ministry and ministers (3:5—4:5) A wrong conception of the Christian (4:6–13) The Exhortation to End the Divisions (4:14–21) Moral and Ethical Disorders in the Life of the Church (chs. 5–6) Laxity in Church Discipline (ch. 5) Lawsuits before Non-Christian Judges (6:1–11) Sexual Immorality (6:12–20) Instruction on Marriage (ch. 7) General Principles (7:1–7) The Problems of the Married (7:8–24) The Problems of the Unmarried (7:25–40) Instruction on Questionable Practices (8:1—11:1) The Principles Involved (ch. 8) The Principles Illustrated (ch. 9) A Warning from the History of Israel (10:1–22) The Principles Applied (10:23—11:1) Instruction