Detailed outline of the Book of Mark

The Beginnings of Jesus’ Ministry (1:1–13) His Forerunner (1:1–8) His Baptism (1:9–11) His Temptation (1:12–13) Jesus’ Ministry in Galilee (1:14—6:29) Early Galilean Ministry (1:14—3:12) Call of the first disciples (1:14–20) Miracles in Capernaum (1:21–34) Preaching and healing in Galilee (1:35–45) Ministry in Capernaum (2:1–22) Sabbath controversy (2:23—3:12) Later Galilean Ministry (3:13—6:29) Choosing the 12 apostles (3:13–19) Teachings in Capernaum (3:20–35) Parables of the kingdom (4:1–34) Calming the Sea of Galilee (4:35–41) Healing a demon-possessed man (5:1–20) More Galilean miracles (5:21–43) Unbelief in Jesus’ hometown (6:1–6) Six apostolic teams preach and heal in Galilee (6:7–13) King Herod’s reaction to Jesus’ ministry (6:14–29) Strategic Withdrawals from Galilee (6:30—9:29) To the Eastern Shore of the Sea of Galilee (6:30–52) To the Western Shore of the Sea (6:53—7:23)