God brings a plague of boils upon Egypt demonstrating God controls everything, including humans’ destiny (Exodus 9:8 – 9:12).

  After the plague of livestock devastated the land of Egypt but left the Israelites’ animals untouched, Pharaoh began to recognize the immense power of God. Yet he remained stubborn and refused to release the Israelites from bondage. God said to Moses and Aaron, “Take handfuls of soot from a…
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Bible Blender Translation Bible

Bible Blender Translation (BBT Bible) – Introduction

BBT Bible Introduction The Bible Blender Translation (BBT) is a new work-in-progress translation that builds on the New English Translation and is similar to modern-day translations such as New International Version and New American Bible.  BBT differs from alternative translations in these ways (1) Vague or difficult-to-interpret phrasing is presented…
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