Want to be a believable Christian? Don’t be ill-informed. Here’s how to recognize and filter bias from the media.

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” - George Bernard Shaw Some  people outside our faith view Christians as ill-informed fanatics spreading a dated message with no proof to support their beliefs. We make this perception worse when we spread false narratives, slanted ideas, and uninformed hearsay. This happens too often in the

Atheist plans jaunt across U.S. to plant upside-down crosses on City Hall lawns throughout America

An atheist activist for the separation of church and state has placed a purposefully-disrespectful update-down cross on the lawn of Hallandale Beach City Hall in Florida. The man, Chaz Stevens, told the Sun Sentinel: “This is terrible, isn’t it?  It’s pretty tacky.  We were going for tacky.  It’s horrible looking.  I love it.” The 6-foot tall cross,

Noah’s ark replica built by Dutchman

Dutch carpenter builds Noah’s Ark replica Dutch carpenter Johan Huibers has spent three years and over $1.6 million building a modern-day replica of Noah's Biblical ark.  And this was his second go at it. At first his wife was opposed to the idea but soon conceded if a smaller version of the ark were built.  Huibers began