Detailed outline of the Book of Malachi

Title (1:1) Introduction: God’s Faithful Covenant Love for Israel Affirmed (1:2–5) Israel’s Unfaithfulness Rebuked (1:6—2:16) The Unfaithfulness of the Priests (1:6—2:9) They dishonor God in their sacrifices (1:6–14) They do not faithfully teach the law (2:1–9) The Unfaithfulness of the People (2:10–16) The Lord’s Coming Announced (2:17—4:6) The Lord Will Come to Purify the Priests and Judge the People (2:17—3:5) A Call to Repentance in View of the Lord’s Coming (3:6–18) An exhortation to faithful giving (3:6–12) An exhortation to faithful service (3:13–18) The Day of the Lord Announced (ch. 4)