Detailed outline of the Book of Amos

Superscription (1:1) Introduction to Amos’s Message (1:2) Oracles against the Nations, including Judah and Israel (1:3—2:16) Judgment on Aram (1:3–5) Judgment on Philistia (1:6–8) Judgment on Phoenicia (1:9–10) Judgment on Edom (1:11–12) Judgment on Ammon (1:13–15) Judgment on Moab (2:1–3) Judgment on Judah (2:4–5) Judgment on Israel (2:6–16) Ruthless oppression of the poor (2:6–7a) Unbridled profanation of religion (2:7b–8) Contrasted position of the Israelites (2:9–12) The oppressive system will perish (2:13–16) Oracles against Israel (3:1—5:17) Judgment on the Chosen People (ch. 3) God’s punishment announced (3:1–2) The announcement vindicated (3:3–8) The punishment vindicated (3:9–15) Judgment on an Unrepentant People (ch. 4) Judgment on the socialites (4:1–3) Perversion of religious life (4:4–5) Past calamities brought no repentance (4:6–11) No hope for a hardened people (4:12–13)