Detailed outline of the Book of Micah

Title (1:1) First Cycle: Judgment and Restoration of Israel and Judah (1:2—2:13) Judgment on Israel and Judah (1:2—2:11) The predicted destruction (1:2–7) Lamentation over the destruction (1:8–16) Woe to oppressive land-grabbers (2:1–5) Condemnation of the wealthy wicked and their false prophets (2:6–11) Restoration of a Remnant (2:12–13) Second Cycle: Indictment of Judah’s Leaders, but Future Hope for God’s People (chs. 3–5) Indictment of Judah’s Leaders (ch. 3) Guilty civil leaders (3:1–4) False prophets of peace and Micah’s response (3:5–8) Corrupt leaders and Zion’s fall (3:9–12) Future Hope for God’s People (chs. 4–5) The coming kingdom (4:1–5) Restoration of a remnant and Zion (4:6–8) From distress to deliverance (4:9–10) From siege to victory (4:11–13) From helpless ruler to ideal king (5:1–4) The ideal king delivers