Month: February 2014

“Homophobia” shaves years off your life? How Christians can handle society’s ever-changing moral standards

Slipped to the public under the guise of serious scientific research, a Columbia University research team released a research paper which concludes that homophobia shaves years off your life – 2.5 years to be exact.  Their stated solution is for society to accept homosexuality as a conventional moral standard in order to improve the health of

Ishmael’s sons (Genesis 25:12 – 25:18)

This section of the Bible presents a genealogical account of the line of Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Hager (Sarah’s Egyptian slave). In this story, Ishmael’s sons are listed, some of who prove important to the continuing narrative of the Old Testament. Ishmael lived to be 137 years old. His sons and their families settled

The death of Abraham (Genesis 25:1 – 25:11)

In later age, Abraham took a new wife, Keturah who bore him six sons, including some lines which would become significant (and enemies of Isaac) in later chapters – the Ashurites (Assyrians), Letushites, Midianites, Shuhites, and Leummites.  Abraham left everything to Isaac and gave gifts to his remaining sons and sent them away to land