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A Christian’s Guide to the Jewish Passover Celebration – What is Passover? When is Passover? What is the meaning of Passover? What is the Seder meal? And more…

An introduction to the Jewish Passover As a Christian, it helps to understand the Jewish Passover celebration, especially since it plays out the Bible several times, including Jesus and the Disciples' Last Supper. Unlike our Christian Christmas celebration, Passover is deeply rooted in the Bible with a single intent - to celebrate God's gift of freedom

There are consequences for evangelists’ support of Donald Trump. Here’s what to expect in a post-Trump America.

For four years, many Christians watched in horror as fellow Christians and evangelist leaders publicly and proudly supported a President that represented the antithesis of Christian ideals. Supporters misread Trump's bravado and bullying as strength, then argued that they supported Trump’s policies, not Trump himself. Still, they cheered Trump on with bravado, and made a

Exactly what is Christian faith?

People believe their parents are their birth parents, that their flight will reach its destination, and that they will survive the day. This trust that something will occur or is true, without any hard evidence to support it, is called faith. Christian faith works in a comparable manner. Faith is believing or trust. It’s not irrational