Modern Day Lessons

No, the Bible does not tell us to kill women and babies. How critics use “verse mining” to twist God’s message for their purpose.

Killing women and babies and other stuff the Bible tells us NOT to do With the current war between Israel and Palestine, we’re hearing a lot of alarming claims in the media about what the Bible does and doesn’t say. Comparisons between the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, and the Koran are made, offering verses from

A summary and explanation of the Book of Revelation – end-time events, signs, symbols, and potential theories about the biblical apocalypse.

Prologue to Book of Revelation Greetings and purpose of the Book of Revelation The often difficult-to-understand Book of Revelation presents a rich, apocalyptic message full of symbolism that requires interpretation by the reader. Readers must understand, however, that apocalyptic literature’s primary intent is not to predict the future but to make clear once the events described begin

How should Christians respond to Islam when “moderate Muslims” don’t speak out against radical Islamic attacks?

Christian reactions to radical Muslim attacks Hurt hearts are hardened It’s human nature. Hearts harden when the ones we love are harmed. We become angry and may act in an unChristian-like manner towards those who harmed us. But it’s not the Christian way. As I write this, thousands have died after the radical Islamist organization Hamas, invaded Israel

A Christian’s Guide to the Jewish Passover Celebration – What is Passover? When is Passover? What is the meaning of Passover? What is the Seder meal? And more…

An introduction to the Jewish Passover As a Christian, it helps to understand the Jewish Passover celebration, especially since it plays out the Bible several times, including Jesus and the Disciples' Last Supper. Unlike our Christian Christmas celebration, Passover is deeply rooted in the Bible with a single intent - to celebrate God's gift of freedom

There are consequences for evangelists’ support of Donald Trump. Here’s what to expect in a post-Trump America.

For four years, many Christians watched in horror as fellow Christians and evangelist leaders publicly and proudly supported a President that represented the antithesis of Christian ideals. Supporters misread Trump's bravado and bullying as strength, then argued that they supported Trump’s policies, not Trump himself. Still, they cheered Trump on with bravado, and made a