2 Peter

Detailed outline of 2 Peter

Greetings (1:1–2) Exhortation to Growth in Christian Virtues (1:3–11) The Divine Enablement (1:3–4) The Call for Growth (1:5–7) The Value of Such Growth (1:8–11) The Purpose and Authentication of Peter’s Message (1:12–21) His Aim in Writing (1:12–15) The Basis of His Authority (1:16–21) Warning against False Teachers (ch. 2) Their Coming Predicted (2:1–3a) Their Judgment Assured (2:3b–9) Their Characteristics Set Forth (2:10–22) The Fact of Christ’s Return (3:1–16) Peter’s Purpose in Writing Restated (3:1–2) The Coming of Scoffers (3:3–7) The Certainty of Christ’s Return (3:8–10) Exhortations Based on the Fact of Christ’s Return (3:11–16) Conclusion and Doxology (3:17–18)