2 Chronicles

2 Chronicles 1 (BBT Translation)

The Lord Gives Solomon Wisdom 1:1 Solomon son of David solidified his royal authority, for the LORD his God was with him and magnified him greatly. 1:2 Solomon addressed all Israel, including those who commanded units of a thousand and a hundred, the judges, and all the leaders of all Israel who were heads of families. 1:3

2 Chronicles 2 (BBT Translation)

Solomon Gathers Building Materials for the Temple 2:1 (1:18) Solomon ordered a temple to be built to honor the LORD, as well as a royal palace for himself. 2:2 (2:1) Solomon had 70,000 common laborers and 80,000 stonecutters in the hills, in addition to 3,600 supervisors. 2:3 Solomon sent a message to King Huram of Tyre: “Help

2 Chronicles 3 (BBT Translation)

The Building of the Temple 3:1 Solomon began building the LORD’s temple in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, where the LORD had appeared to his father David. This was the place that David prepared at the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite. 3:2 He began building on the second day of the second month of the fourth

2 Chronicles 5 (BBT Translation)

5:1 When Solomon had finished constructing the LORD’s temple, he put the holy items that belonged to his father David (the silver, gold, and all the other articles) in the treasuries of God’s temple. Solomon Moves the Ark into the Temple 5:2 Then Solomon convened Israel’s elders – all the leaders of the Israelite tribes and families

2 Chronicles 6 (BBT Translation)

6:1 Then Solomon said, “The LORD has said that he lives in thick darkness. 6:2 O LORD, I have built a lofty temple for you, a place where you can live permanently.” 6:3 Then the king turned around and pronounced a blessing over the whole Israelite assembly as they stood there. 6:4 He said, “The

2 Chronicles 7 (BBT Translation)

Solomon Dedicates the Temple 7:1 When Solomon finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices, and the LORD’s splendor filled the temple. 7:2 The priests were unable to enter the LORD’s temple because the LORD’s splendor filled the LORD’s temple. 7:3 When all the Israelites saw the fire come

2 Chronicles 8 (BBT Translation)

Building Projects and Commercial Efforts 8:1 After twenty years, during which Solomon built the LORD’s temple and his royal palace, 8:2 Solomon rebuilt the cities that Huram had given him and settled Israelites there. 8:3 Solomon went to Hamath Zobah and seized it. 8:4 He built up Tadmor in the wilderness and all the storage cities

2 Chronicles 9 (BBT Translation)

Solomon Entertains a Queen 9:1 When the queen of Sheba heard about Solomon, she came to challenge him with difficult questions. She arrived in Jerusalem with a great display of pomp, bringing with her camels carrying spices, a very large quantity of gold, and precious gems. She visited Solomon and discussed with him everything that was

2 Chronicles 10 (BBT Translation)

The Northern Tribes Rebel 10:1 Rehoboam traveled to Shechem, for all Israel had gathered in Shechem to make Rehoboam king. 10:2 When Jeroboam son of Nebat heard the news, he was still in Egypt, where he had fled from King Solomon. Jeroboam returned from Egypt. 10:3 They sent for him and Jeroboam and all Israel came