New transgender policy for public schools empathizes with those with gender dysphoria while being steadfast in opposing gender ideology.

The Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon, under the leadership of Archbishop Alexander K. Sample, has implemented a policy to guide schools on how to handle transgender students. It is a comprehensive model that empathizes with those with gender dysphoria while being steadfast in opposing gender ideology. The policy is intended for Catholic schools and all

Twitter suspends Christian Post account after they report, “USA Today names Rachel Levine, a man, among its ‘Women of the Year'”

USA Today announced their Woman of the Year - Rachel Levine (aka Richard Levine) - a transgender biological male who lives as a woman, sparking outrage among conservatives, women, Christian groups... and Twitter? The Washington Examiner’s Nicole Russell said that USA Today had committed “an affront to women and girls” and stressed that “Levine’s place on

Author JK Rowling calls for end to “climate of fear” around discussing transgender issues.

Author JK Rowling told Good Housekeeping magazine that we must end the "climate of fear" around discussing transgender issues such as silencing those who regret their transitions. Rowling has been criticized for her vocal opposition to gender ideology but says she has many supporters too. "Many women are concerned about the challenges to their fundamental rights

California initiates travel ban to states it says use religious freedom to disallow adoptions for gay/transgender couples

California has initiated a travel ban to states is says use “religious freedom” as a basis for “discrimination” against gays and transgender people. Announced yesterday by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra under state law AB 1887, travel is prohibited for state-funded and state-sponsored travel to eight states – Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee,

Christian boycott of Target stores may be impacting company’s sales and earnings

I’ve argued many times that Christians must fight big business anti-religious policies using their pocketbooks. It’s imperative Christians stand up for their moral beliefs or risk having them dissolve into society’s manmade standards for behavior. With regards to Target, there’s more evidence a boycott against transgender bathrooms is indeed impacting the company’s profits. In June 2016,

Target refuses change in transgender policy – opts to install third bathroom for persons who disagree with their policy.

In June 2016, Target Corporation announced it would allow transgender employees and customers to use the bathroom of their choice. “We welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.” In response, the American Family Association organized a boycott of Target stores, collecting over 1.4 million