USA Today announced their Woman of the Year – Rachel Levine (aka Richard Levine) – a transgender biological male who lives as a woman, sparking outrage among conservatives, women, Christian groups… and Twitter?

The Washington Examiner’s Nicole Russell said that USA Today had committed “an affront to women and girls” and stressed that “Levine’s place on this list snatches that spot from a biological woman”. She wrote:

“The chromosomes within a person’s body remain the same as they were from birth, even when a person has taken cross-sex hormones or has surgery. At a genetic or cellular level, a transgender person remains biologically male or female. USA Today is suggesting that the achievements of Levine, who spent over 50 years living as a biological male, are the same as biological women and their unique attributes.”

Abigail Marone, spokeswoman for Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, echoed her sentiments when she tweeted: “What’s even the point of the list anymore? Insulting to women.”

The Christian Post found its account suspended after tweeting “USA Today names Rachel Levine, a man, among its ‘Women of the Year’”. The website was informed that the post violated Twitter’s policy, claiming it constituted ‘hateful conduct’. A similar tweet by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was flagged for “hateful conduct” after he referred to Levine as a man, but was allowed to remain on Twitter “in the public’s interest”.

The controversial award comes during the same week that a transgender male was allowed to competed as a woman named Lia Thomas at the NCAA Division 1 swimming championships where he beat the nation’s best female athletes to become the nation’s first transgender athlete to win a Division 1 national championship in any sport.