I’ve argued many times that Christians must fight big business anti-religious policies using their pocketbooks. It’s imperative Christians stand up for their moral beliefs or risk having them dissolve into society’s manmade standards for behavior. With regards to Target, there’s more evidence a boycott against transgender bathrooms is indeed impacting the company’s profits.

In June 2016, Target Corporation announced it would allow transgender employees and customers to use the bathroom of their choice. In response, the American Family Association organized a boycott of Target stores, collecting over 1.4 million signatures. Two months later, Target’s sales dropped 7%. Target argued the boycott had nothing to do with the drop in sales. However, this week we find that sales at Target have continued to decrease.

This week, Target Corp lowered its comparable store sales and earnings forecasts for the fourth quarter citing “softer than expected” holiday sales. The company said sales continued to drop in November-December, falling 1.3%. It now expects fourth-quarter comparable sales to fall between 1-1.5% and has lowered their earnings forecast. The company’s shares were down 3.9% in premarket trading.