Month: December 2020

Brace yourself – the anti-Christian crusade is already ramping up in the media.

Recently I wrote about the consequences of Christians' association with radical right-wing supporters and the anger it fostered in those outside our religion. As a result of this unfortunate alliance, we are entering an era of anti-Christian rhetoric, unlike anything seen in modern times. An example of this anticipated anti-Christian rhetoric appeared this week from a liberal-left media outlet - Boing Boing. Under the titillating title "Christians censor monoliths, vandalize property and tear down monuments", the article claimed Christians were tearing down the mysterious monoliths that have been appearing across the world. Of course, Christians, like everyone else, find these monoliths amusing. We're certainly not tearing them down out of fear. But the evidence submitted by Boing Boing was not just misleading, it was unethical journalism

Author JK Rowling calls for end to “climate of fear” around discussing transgender issues.

Author JK Rowling told Good Housekeeping magazine that we must end the "climate of fear" around discussing transgender issues such as silencing those who regret their transitions. Rowling has been criticized for her vocal opposition to gender ideology but says she has many supporters too. "Many women are concerned about the challenges to their fundamental rights posed by certain aspects of gender identity ideology. I’ve had a huge postbag since speaking up on this issue and more than 90 per cent of the letters and emails have been supportive." Rowling told the magazine that the has received support from medical staff, social workers, workers in women's refuges, and members of the LGBT community but that many are afraid to speak up because of a climate of fear

There are consequences for evangelists’ blind support of Donald Trump. Here’s what to expect in a post-Trump America.

Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a rally. For four years, many Christians watched in horror as fellow Christians and evangelist leaders publicly and proudly supported a President that represented the antithesis of Christian ideals. Supporters misread Trump's bravado and bullying as strength, then argued that they supported Trump’s policies, not Trump himself. Still, they cheered Trump on with bravado, and made a mockery of Christian beliefs in the process. Those outside of our religion took notice of our sycophantic adoration and labelled us zealots. Skeptics found their skepticism validated and as strange as it may seem, to others, we now appear to be the exact opposite of what we believe. Yes, the change in administration will bring a more liberal agenda. Some changes will simply undo Trump's