Detailed outline of the Book of Joshua – Entry, conquest, and distribution of the Promise Land

The Entrance into the Land (1:1—5:12) The Exhortations to Conquer (ch. 1) The Reconnaissance of Jericho (ch. 2) The Crossing of the Jordan (chs. 3–4) The Consecration at Gilgal (5:1–12) The Conquest of the Land (5:13—12:24) The Initial Battles (5:13—8:35) The victory at Jericho (5:13—6:27) The failure at Ai because of Achan’s sin (ch. 7) The victory at Ai (8:1–29) The covenant renewed at Shechem (8:30–35) The Campaign in the South (chs. 9–10) The treaty with the Gibeonites (ch. 9) The long day of Joshua (10:1–15) The southern cities conquered (10:16–43) The Campaign in the North (ch. 11) The Defeated Kings of Canaan (ch. 12) The Distribution of the Land (chs. 13–21) The Areas Yet to Be Conquered (13:1–7) The Land Assigned by Moses