2 Kings

Detailed outline of 2 Kings – Elijah, Elisha, Joram, Hezekiah, and Babylonian exile

The Ministries of Elijah and Elisha during the Reigns of Ahaziah and Joram (1:1—8:15) Elijah in the Reign of Ahaziah (ch. 1) Elijah’s Translation; Elisha’s Inauguration (2:1–18) Elisha in the Reign of Joram (2:19—8:15) Elisha’s initial miraculous signs (2:19–25) Elisha during the campaign against Moab (ch. 3) Elisha’s ministry to…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Ezra – Exiles’ return, rebuilding of the Temple, reforms introduced

First Return from Exile and Rebuilding of the Temple (chs. 1–6) First Return of the Exiles (ch. 1) The edict of Cyrus (1:1–4) The return under Sheshbazzar (1:5–11) List of Returning Exiles (ch. 2) Revival of Temple Worship (ch. 3) The rebuilding of the altar (3:1–3) The Feast of Tabernacles…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Nehemiah – First and Second Administration

Nehemiah’s First Administration (chs. 1–12) Nehemiah’s Response to the Situation in Jerusalem (ch. 1) News of the plight of Jerusalem (1:1–4) Nehemiah’s prayer (1:5–11) Nehemiah’s Journey to Jerusalem (2:1–10) The king’s permission (2:1–8) The journey itself (2:9–10) Nehemiah’s First Actions upon Arrival (2:11–20) His nocturnal inspection of the walls (2:11–16)…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Esther –

The Feasts of Xerxes (1:1—2:18) Vashti Deposed (ch. 1) Esther Made Queen (2:1–18) The Feasts of Esther (2:19—7:10) Mordecai Uncovers a Plot (2:19–23) Haman’s Plot (ch. 3) Mordecai Persuades Esther to Help (ch. 4) Esther’s Request to the King: Her First Banquet (5:1–8) A Sleepless Night (5:9—6:14) Haman Hanged: Esther’s…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Job – Job’s testing, speeches, monologues, and divine discourse

Prologue (chs. 1–2) Job’s Happiness (1:1–5) Job’s Testing (1:6—2:13) Satan’s first accusation (1:6–12) Job’s faith despite loss of family and property (1:13–22) Satan’s second accusation (2:1–6) Job’s faith during personal suffering (2:7–10) The coming of the three friends (2:11–13) Dialogue-Dispute (chs. 3–27) Job’s Opening Lament (ch. 3) First Cycle of…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Proverbs

Prologue: Purpose and Theme (1:1–7) The Superiority of the Way of Wisdom (1:8—9:18) Appeals and Warnings Confronting Youth (1:8–33) Enticements to secure happiness by violence (1:8–19) Warnings against rejecting wisdom (1:20–33) Commendation of Wisdom (chs. 2–4) Benefits of accepting wisdom’s instructions (ch. 2) Wisdom bestows well-being (3:1–20) Wisdom’s instructions and…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Ecclesiastes – two discourses on life and death

Author (1:1) Theme: The meaninglessness of human efforts on earth apart from God (1:2) Introduction: The profitlessness of human toil to accumulate things in order to achieve happiness (1:3–11) Discourse, Part 1: In spite of life’s apparent enigmas and meaninglessness, it is to be enjoyed as a gift from God…
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