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Springfield, Pennsylvania school nixes “God Bless America” after complaint from atheist group

Sabold Elementary School in Springfield, Pennsylvania has always allowed students and teachers to announce “God Bless America” after the morning Pledge of Allegiance. Faculty and students enjoyed the opportunity to show their patriotism while proudly expressing an important aspect of their lives - religion. That changed this month when Principal Peter Brigg’s school bowed to

Why does this leading “non-profit” atheist organization (FFRF) keep so much of the pie for itself?

The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) (and their employees) lead newsworthy anti-Christian campaigns against schools, government bodies, religious organizations, and anyone else they feel violates their atheistic (or as they would call it, non-theistic) principles. Outwardly, they claim to fight for the separation of church and state using the Establishment Clause as their primary tool. However,

Don’t mess with Texas – Students at Texas school fly Christian flags to spite atheist organization’s legal campaign against their school

FFRF (Freedom from Religion Foundation) has slithered back into Texas, this time to battle LaPoynor High School in an attempt to force the LaRue, Texas school to remove a Christian cross flag flown during a “See You at the Pole” event. However, students at the school refused to back down and took it upon themselves

Florida atheist group plans to distribute pamphlet depicting Bible sexually assaulting frightened woman

Florida remains a key religious battleground as atheists in the state have once again strategized a means to ensure Bibles are not distributed in area schools, this time with plans to distribute pamphlets depicting a cartoonish human-like Bible sexually assaulting a terrified woman. The pamphlet, titled “An X-Rated Book: Sex and Obscenity in the Bible”,