Atheist group, Freedom from Religion Foundation, has lodged a complaint against the Clemson football program, accusing the coach of running a team that is “entangled” and “entrenched” in religion. FFRF complained that the athletic program participates in bible studies and prayer services and since the school is partly state-funded, the separation of church and state should be applied.

Clemson responded admirably:

“The FFRF is mistaken in its assessment. We believe the practices of the football staff regarding religion are compliant with the Constitution and appropriately accommodate differing religious views. Participation in religious activities is purely voluntary and there are no repercussions for students who decline to do so.”

The Freedom from Religion Foundation (which claims to be “freethinkers”) has taken unpopular stances in the past. The group has protested a utility’s closure for Good Friday, scrutinized Hobby Lobby’s public bible courses, sued the city of Warren, Michigan when they were not allowed to place a winter solstice sign in the city atrium, and promoted the vandalism of an Easter sign on their website’s homepage.