Who wrote the Bible? Complete (but concise) list of Bible books and their authors


Since most books in the Bible were written anonymously (not uncommon in Biblical days), much of what we know for certain about the authorship comes from logical deduction.  What follows is the opinion of the majority of contemporary scholars along with the traditional views of authorship (both Jewish and Christian).

Date written are estimates only.

Hover over highlighted names for additional history and facts about the book.

Old Testament

Old Testament groups are not necessarily ordered chronologically (they are ordered more by “type”).

Pentateuch (Books of Moses) or Torah

Note that the last eight verses in Deuteronomy, which describe Moses’ death, were obviously written by another (unknown) author.  Also, some theorize that the Pentateuch does not have a single author and that its composition took place over centuries.

Book Author Date
Genesis (Book of Genesis) Moses 1445 BC
Exodus (Book of Exodus) Moses 1445 BC
Leviticus (Book of Leviticus) Moses 1445 BC
Numbers (Book of Numbers) Moses 1445 BC
Deuteronomy (Book of Deuteronomy) Moses 1445 BC

The Books of History

Named “The Books of History” because they contain historical records.

Book Author Date
Joshua (Book of Joshua)  Joshua, possibly Eleazar or Phinehas 1405 BC
Judges (Book of Judges)  Samuel 1043 BC
Ruth (Book of Ruth) Anonymous or possibly Samuel 1030 BC
1 Samuel Samuel, possible additions by prophets Gad and Nathan 931 BC
2 Samuel Samuel, possible additions by prophets Gad and Nathan 931 BC
1 Kings Possibly Jeremiah 561 BC
2 Kings Possibly Jeremiah 561 BC
1 Chronicles Anonymous, possibly Ezra 450 BC
2 Chronicles Anonymous, possibly Ezra 450 BC
Ezra Ezra 457 BC
Nehemiah (Book of Nehemiah) Ezra or Nehemiah 424 BC
Esther (Book of Esther) Anonymous or Mordecai, Possibly Nehemiah 450 BC

The Books of Poetry or books of Writings

Book Author Date
Job (Book of Job) Anonymous, possibly Moses ?
Psalms (Book of Psalms) Various:
David (73)
Asaph (12)
Sons of Korah (11)
Solomon (2)
Moses (1)
Ethan (1)
Hemen (1)
Unknown (50)
1410 BC
Proverbs (The Proverbs) Various
Solomon (29)
Agur (1)
Lemuel (1)
971 BC
Ecclesiastes Solomon 940 BC
Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) Solomon 971 BC

Major Prophets

Named “Major Prophets” because the books are longer (not because they were more important)

Book Author Date
Isaiah (Book of the Prophet Isaiah) Isaiah 700 BC
 Jeremiah (Book of Jeremiah) Jeremiah 586 BC
Lamentations (Lamentations of Jeremiah or Book of Lamentations) Multiple anonymous authors, possibly Jeremiah 586 BC
 Ezekiel (Book of Ezekiel) Ezekiel 590 BC
Daniel (Book of Daniel) Daniel 536 BC

Minor Prophets

Named “Minor Prophets” because they were shorter (not because they were less important)

Book Author Date
Hosea (Book of Hosea) Hosea 750 BC
Joel (Book of Joel) Joel 835 BC
Amos (Book of Amos) Amos 750 BC
Obadiah (Book of Obadiah) Obadiah 850 BC
Jonah (Book of Jonah) Jonah 775 BC
Micah (Book of Micah) Micah 735 BC
Nahum (Book of Nahum) Nahum 650 BC
Habakkuk (Book of Habakkuk) Habakkuk 615 BC
Zephaniah (Book of Zephaniah) Zephaniah 635 BC
Haggai (Book of Haggai) Haggai 520 BC
Zechariah (Book of Zechariah) Zechariah 480 BC
Malachi (Book of Malachi) Malachi 433 BC

New Testament


Book Author Date
Matthew (Gospel according to Matthew) Matthew 50 AD
Mark (Gospel according to Mark) Mark 50 AD
Luke (Gospel according to Luke) Luke 60 AD
John (Gospel according to John) John 80 AD


Book Author Date
Acts (Acts of the Apostles) Luke 62 AD
Romans (Epistle to the Romans) Paul 56 AD
1 Corinthians (First Epistle to the Corinthians) Paul 55 AD
2 Corinthians (Second Epistle to the Corinthians) Paul 56 AD
Galatians (Epistle to the Galatians) Paul 49 AD
Ephesians (Epistle to the Ephesians) Paul 60 AD
Philippians (Epistle to the Philippians) Paul 60 AD
Colossians (Epistle to the Colossians) Paul 60 AD
1 Thessalonians (First Epistle to the Thessalonians) Paul 51 AD
2 Thessalonians (Second Epistle to the Thessalonians) Paul 52 AD
1 Timothy (First Epistle to Timothy) Paul 62 AD
2 Timothy (Second Epistle to Timothy) Paul 66 AD
Titus (Epistle to Titus) Paul 62 AD
Philemon (Epistle to Philemon) Paul 60 AD

General Epistles

Book Author Date
Hebrews (Epistle to the Hebrews) Unknown, possibly Paul, Mark, Apollos, or Priscilla 67 AD
James (Epistle of James) James (brother of Jesus) 44 AD
1 Peter (First Epistle of Peter) Peter 64 AD
2 Peter (Second Epistle of Peter) Unknown, possibly Peter 67 AD
1 John (First Epistle of John) John 90 AD
2 John (Second Epistle of John) John 90 AD
3 John (Third  Epistle of John) John 90 AD
Jude (General Epistle of Jude) Jude 68 AD


Book Author Date
Revelation (Book of Revelation) Likely John 94 AD


Book Author Date
1 Esdras (First Book of Esdras)
2 Esdras (Second Book of Esdras)  100 AD
Tobit 200 BC
Judith 150 BC
Additions to Esther (Rest of Esther) 170 BC
Wisdom (Wisdom of Solomon) 100 BC
Wisdom of Jesus the Son of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus)  200 BC
Baruch  150 BC
Song of the Three Children (Song of the Three Holy Children)
Story of Susanna (History of Susanna)
History of the Destruction of Bel and the Dragon (Bel and the Dragon) 150 BC
Prayer of Manasseh
1 Maccabees (First Book of the Maccabees) 100 BC
2 Maccabees (Second Book of the Maccabees) 10 AD



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