Month: March 2019

Looking for something to pray about? Here are the countries most dangerous for Christians and Christianity (in 2019).

Open Doors creates an annual listing of the top 50 countries most dangerous to Christians. These are countries where Christianity is illegal, forbidden, or punished – countries that exhibit extreme in intolerance and outright persecution of Christians in every area Open Doors monitors. Most of the countries in the list below are located in Central America,

Joseph mourns his father’s death, reassures his brothers they are safe, then passes from earth (Genesis 50:1 – 50:26)

Genesis concludes with a narrative describing the burials of Jacob and Joseph and one last interaction between Joseph and his brothers. After Jacob died, Joseph hugged his father and wept over him. At Joseph’s direction, his physicians embalmed Jacob. This took forty days. Then the Egyptians mourned Jacob for seventy days. After the mourning period, Joseph

The Dynasties of Egypt – a complete list and timeline of the rulers and Pharaohs of Egypt and how they relate to the biblical narrative.

Egyptian rulers are mentioned throughout the Bible. Scholars have attempted to identify the ancient rulers using Egyptian historical records and monuments. Unfortunately, many of the names have been lost or are unidentifiable. Historians divide ancient Egyptian history into 30 or 32 pharaonic dynasties (3100 BC - 332 BC). A dynasty is a series of rulers belonging