Ancient Texts

Which Bible translation is the most accurate? How bible translators interpret and convert ancient text to modern-day languages.

To understand biblical scripture, it is up to the reader to apply prior knowledge and common sense when reading the text. However, a common question on many reader’s minds is, “Which biblical translation is the most accurate?” In truth, it’s an impossible question to answer. To grasp why, you must…
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Modern Day Lessons

How to read and interpret (understand) the Bible’s Old and New Testament texts

Many Bible readers feel they struggle interpreting the true meaning of the biblical texts. In truth, any translated text will be difficult to understand, and even more so when the text is a sacred religious tome, translated by interpreters who went to great lengths to ensure they did not alter its original meaning in…
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The Masoretic Text and its importance to modern-day biblical translations

What is the Masoretic Text? Important because it is widely used as the basis for modern-day translations of the Old Testament, the phrase “Masoretic Text” refers to the ancient authoritative Hebrew text of the Old Testament ( “Jewish Bible”).  Masoretic Text includes not only the Hebrew text of the Old…
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