How should Christians respond to Islam when “moderate Muslims” don’t speak out against radical Islamic attacks?

Christian reactions to radical Muslim attacks Hurt hearts are hardened It’s human nature. Hearts harden when the ones we love are harmed. We become angry and may act in an unChristian-like manner towards those who harmed us. But it’s not the Christian way. As I write this, thousands have died after the radical Islamist organization Hamas, invaded Israel

With war against radical Islamic ISIS/ISIL imminent, why does President Obama call on compassion for all Muslims?

President Obama refuses to call the war against ISIS a religious war? President Obama issued an emotional call to Americans today, cautioning United States citizens against labeling the looming war against ISIS (aka ISIL) a religious war. To many Americans, this likely appears contradictory and confusing. After all, ISIS is a self-proclaimed Islamic religious group and