Month: May 2013

Conservative Christian groups say IRS targeted them in effort to punish for political and moral beliefs

Several Christian groups have come forward this week claiming that the IRS unfairly targeted them.  This lends credence to other accusations that the IRS targeted more than just conservative political organizations in their most recent scandal. Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, said his relief organization, Samaritan’s Purse, and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association were

Georgia park officials order removal of Bibles from state guest rooms as Christians “idle”

The definition of “politically correct” is constantly changing, shaped and formed by the moral standards that the current society deems acceptable. What was politically and morally correct last year, may not be an acceptable belief today. Seemingly, the direction these moral “standards” are taking is leaning more and more towards the left as Christians sit

Google’s “Palestinian Territories” re-christened “Palestine” despite Israeli opposition

Ignoring Israel’s long-standing opposition to the recognition of an independent Palestinian state,, the website formerly known as "Google Palestinian Territories," was re-christened "Google Palestine" on Wednesday. A spokesman for the Israeli government said: “This change raises questions about the reasons behind this surprising involvement of what is basically a private internet company in international politics—and on