Month: February 2015

Prayer – Jesus teaches us how to pray effectively (Matthew 6:5 – 6:15)

During the Sermon on the Mount, continuing his lesson regarding hypocrisy, Jesus instructed his followers on the proper way to pray. He told them: “When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites who pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners in order to be seen by others for they have received their reward in full. When you pray, go into your room and close the door. God, who sees what is done in secret, will hear you. And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans who think they will be heard because of their many repetitious words. There is no need for long speeches for God knows what you need before you even ask him. This is how you should pray: 'Our

With war against radical Islamic ISIS/ISIL imminent, why does President Obama call on compassion for all Muslims?

President Obama refuses to call the war against ISIS a religious war? President Obama issued an emotional call to Americans today, cautioning United States citizens against labeling the looming war against ISIS (aka ISIL) a religious war. To many Americans, this likely appears contradictory and confusing. After all, ISIS is a self-proclaimed Islamic religious group and certain interpretations of the Islamic Quran do indeed allow, even encourage violent militant acts under the guise of Islam. To understand the intentions behind President Obama’s call for calm, let’s first take a brief look back to a similar historical context – the Gulf War. Gulf War provides a historic lesson on military strategy In 1990, during the height of the Gulf War (code name Operation Desert Shield), Iraqi president Saddam Hussein did

Abimelek makes peace with Isaac (Genesis 26:26 – 26:33)

After Isaac settled in Beersheba, King Abimelech arrived from Gerar to visit him. Abimelech brought with him Ahuzzath, his personal advisor, and Phicol, the commander of his forces (possibly the same commander that was recorded as dealing with Isaac’s father, Abraham). Isaac asked them, “Why have you come to visit me at my home since previously you were hostile towards me and sent me away?” They answered, “We saw clearly that God was with you so we thought a sworn agreement should be made between us. Let us make a treaty with you and agree that you will do us no harm just as we did not harm you. We always treated you well and sent you away peacefully... and after we sent you away, you were

Muslim billionaire reveals his honest opinion (anonymously) about radical Islamist Muslims

For those who feel Islam endorses violence and militant action as its primary theme, check out this interview with an Arab (Egyptian) billionaire investor during which they ask him a series of questions about the state of geopolitics in the Middle East. Given the violent battles current taking place in the area, the investor agreed to be interviewed only with the condition of anonymity claiming if they were to publish the interview along with his identity, it would “haunt him”. He added, “This is simply a reflection of the times in which we live.” This snippet of the interview (conducted by Business Insider) provides a rare glimpse into a moderate Muslim’s view of the radicalization of Islam that is spreading through the area.  I have inserted notes explaining some of

The surprising truth behind the religion of Islam – a detailed Christian guide to the Koran (Quran) and what it teaches its followers

WARNING: The following is an up-front, critical analysis of the Quran which religious followers of Islam may find offensive. Since it is presented as a critique, I openly invite followers of Islam to comment on the article in the comments section at the end of the article. Preface: A Christian's Guide to the Koran As a lifelong Christian, I possess no accurate, firsthand knowledge of Islam’s religious doctrines nor have many close personal relationships with any of its Muslim followers. What little I know about Islam stems solely from vague secondhand sources. Thus, going into this endeavor, I read the entire Koran as if I were a blank slate with no pre-existing bias other than my faith as a Christian. I knew I would have to refrain