I’ve written before about the potentially divisive message in the religion of Islam and the need for the Muslim community to step up their game and take the initiative to promote peace and goodwill in their communities. Yesterday, a Philadelphia mosque did just that. At 6:00 AM, the Muslim American Society in North Philadelphia cooked scrambled eggs, French toast, turkey bacon, and grits and served to almost 1,000 Philadelphia police officers before they began their workday.

About twenty volunteers with the mosque organized the event to express their gratitude and respect for Philadelphia police officers. Ozzy Khalil told reporters:

‘We want to let officers know that we do appreciate what they do, and that’s why we’re doing this today. With what’s going on in the world, in different cities, about Muslims, this is something different to show them this is what we’re all about. We’re neighbors, we’re very active in the community . . . and we appreciate what they’re doing.”