Atheist plans jaunt across U.S. to plant upside-down crosses on City Hall lawns throughout America

An atheist activist for the separation of church and state has placed a purposefully-disrespectful update-down cross on the lawn of Hallandale Beach City Hall in Florida. The man, Chaz Stevens, told the Sun Sentinel: “This is terrible, isn’t it?  It’s pretty tacky.  We were going for tacky.  It’s horrible looking.  I love it.” The 6-foot tall cross,

Satanic Temple given green light to display fallen angel in Florida Capitol

The Satanic Temple’s war on religion took another successful step today when Florida’s Department of Management Services green-lighted the atheist groups’ request to erect a “holiday display” in the Florida Capitol rotunda this year. According to the Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Florida's Department of Management Services has agreed to allow the temple's

Florida atheist group plans to distribute pamphlet depicting Bible sexually assaulting frightened woman

Florida remains a key religious battleground as atheists in the state have once again strategized a means to ensure Bibles are not distributed in area schools, this time with plans to distribute pamphlets depicting a cartoonish human-like Bible sexually assaulting a terrified woman. The pamphlet, titled “An X-Rated Book: Sex and Obscenity in the Bible”,