The Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament give a rough estimate of the passage of time and thus allows us to create a general chronological calibration to biblical history by means of various genealogies, reign-periods, and other means.  The biblical chronology largely uses numbers which were significant to the authors: the basic numbers are 12, 40 (a “generation”), and 480 (12 generations of 40 years); other significant numbers include 10, 20, 60, and 100.  Other non-biblical historic dates are generally accepted dates but may be approximates or traditional.  This is particularly true of the events before Greece and Rome, but even with Greece and Rome, the early years may be in doubt.



Years after creation

Year BCE

* not biblical
Creation of Adam03924 BCE
Seth, son of Adam and Eve, born1303794 BCE
Death of Adam9302994 BCE
Noah born (son of Lamech)10562868 BCE
Building of the great pyramid13642560 BCE *
Great flood begins16562268 BCE
Noah and his family exit the ark16572267 BCE
Birth of Abram19481976 BCE
Promise to Abraham20181906 BCE
Birth of Isaac20481876 BCE
Jacob born (son of Isaac)21081816 BCE
Joseph born (son of Jacob)21991725 BCE
Descent into Egypt22381686 BCE
Moses born23681557 BCE
Exodus from Egypt24481476 BCE
Moses dies24871437 BCE
Israelites enter Canaan24881436 BCE
David born28531071 BCE
David begins reign as King28831041 BCE
Solomon (son of David) begins reign as king of Israel29231001 BCE
Foundation of Solomon’s Temple2928997 BCE
Start of the ancient Olympics3148776 BCE *
Destruction of Solomon’s Temple3338587 BCE
Gautama Buddha born3361563 BCE *
Babylonian empire falls to Persians (King Cyrus)3386539 BCE
Return from exile3390535 BCE
Battle of Leuctra – Sparta defeated3553371 BCE *
Construction of Great Wall of China begins3703221 BCE *
Julius Caesar invades Britain386955 BCE *
Birth of John the Baptist39186 BCE
Birth of Jesus39195 BCE
Boy Jesus at the Temple39328 AD
German tribes destroy 3 Roman legions39339 AD *
Baptism of Jesus395026 AD
Temptation of Jesus395127 AD
Jesus calls his first disciples395127 AD
Sermon on the Mount395127 AD
Jesus ministers in Galilee395228 AD
John the Baptist beheaded395329 AD
Jesus feeds 5,000 people395329 AD
Peter’s confession of Christ395329 AD
Final journey to Jerusalem395430 AD
Jesus trial and crucifixion395430 AD
Peter led from prison by angel396642 AD
Paul returns to Jerusalem398359 AD
Rome burns (while Nero fiddles)398864 AD *
Mount Vesuvius erupts400379 AD *
John’s revelation on Patmos401995 AD
Decree of Milan legalizes Christianity in Roman Empire4237313 AD *
“Middle Ages” era begins4324400 AD *
Western Roman Empire ends4400476 AD *
Death of Muhammad4556632 AD *
Muslims invade Sicily4751827 AD *
Vikings invade Paris4809885 AD *
Eric the Red exiled from Iceland, Greenland colonized4909985 AD *
Construction of Tower of London begins50011077 AD *
Jerusalem is retaken from the Muslims50231099 AD *
University of Oxford founded in UK50411117 AD *
First record of Windmills51091185 AD *
Third Crusade begins – Muslims recapture Jerusalem51131189 AD *
Genghis Khan dies51511227 AD *
Ottoman Empire founded52231299 AD *
Knights Templar murdered by Philip the Fair of France52311307 AD *
Bible translated to English by John Wycliffe53051381 AD *
Gutenberg invents printing press53631439 AD *
Christopher Columbus reaches the New World54161492 AD *
“Early Modern History” age begins54241500 AD *
“Modern History” era begins58241900 AD *