Malachi (book of)

Detailed outline of the Book of Malachi

Title (1:1) Introduction: God’s Faithful Covenant Love for Israel Affirmed (1:2–5) Israel’s Unfaithfulness Rebuked (1:6—2:16) The Unfaithfulness of the Priests (1:6—2:9) They dishonor God in their sacrifices (1:6–14) They do not faithfully teach the law (2:1–9) The Unfaithfulness of the People (2:10–16) The Lord’s Coming Announced (2:17—4:6) The Lord Will Come to Purify the


Malachi Introduction and God’s Election of Israel 1:1 What follows is divine revelation. The word of the LORD came to Israel through Malachi: 1:2 “I have shown love to you,” says the LORD, but you say, “How have you shown love to us?” “Esau was Jacob’s brother,” the LORD explains, “yet I chose Jacob 1:3 and rejected Esau. I

Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible – Malachi – Robert Jamieson, A.R. Fausset, and David Brown

THE BOOK OF MALACHI Commentary by A. R. Faussett   INTRODUCTION Malachi forms the transition link between the two dispensations, the Old and the New, "the skirt and boundary of Christianity" [Tertullian], to which perhaps is due the abrupt earnestness which characterizes his prophecies. His very name is somewhat uncertain. Malachi is the name of an office, rather