Jacob tricks Isaac and cheats Esau out of his blessing (Genesis 26:34 – 27:45)

When Esau was 40 years old, against his parents’ wishes, he married two Hittite wives – Judith and Basemath. Marrying outside the extended clan greatly bothered his parents, Isaac and Rebekah. Isaac was old and his eyes were weak. He called for his Esau and told him, “I am now an old man and near death. Get your hunting equipment (bows and arrows) and go into the country to hunt wild game for me (Isaac had a special affinity for the taste of wild game). Prepare for me a meal that you know I will like and bring it to me to eat so that I may give you my blessing before I die.” Rebekah was listening as Isaac gave Esau the instructions. When Esau left for

Esau gives up his birthright to Jacob (Genesis 25:27 – 25:34)

Jacob and Esau have become grown men. Esau is a very good hunter, a wild sort of man, who loves the outdoors. Jacob on the other hand, is more civilized and mature, preferring to stay within the home. Their father, Isaac, loved the taste of wild game and as a result, grew close to Esau. Similarly, Rebekah became closer to Jacob creating a family dynamic similar to many modern-day families with each parent gravitating towards one of the children (but of course, still loving all). Jacob was cooking lentil stew when Esau arrived at the home. Esau was very hungry and asked Jacob for some of the stew. Without missing a beat, Jacob made Esau an offer. Esau would receive the stew he so desired in

The Birth of Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25:19 – 25:26)

After a quick peek at Ishmael’s genealogical record, the Bible now turns back to the family line of Abraham and Isaac. We are reminded that Abraham was the father of Isaac who, at 40 years of age, married Rebekah. After 20 years of marriage, Isaac prayed for a child and God answered the call. Rebekah became pregnant. She felt the babies moving inside her (apparently a little more movement that she had expected), so she asked God why this was happening. God replied, telling Rebekah that “two nations” were in her womb, she was pregnant with twins, and a battle was already being waged inside her. God told Rebekah that one of the twins would be stronger than the other and that, opposite of what tradition