ByBible Blender

Nov 29, 2017

Gadara stood on the summit of a mountain about 6 miles south-east of the Sea of Galilee.  A member of the Decapolis, Gadara was a center of Greek culture in the region, considered one of its most Hellenized and enjoying special political and religious status.  The ruins of this city, now called Um Keis (Umm Qais or Qays), are about two miles in circumference. The ancient walls may now be traced in almost their entire circuit. One of the Roman roads ran eastward to Ḍer‛ah; and an aqueduct has been traced to the pool of Ḳhab. The ruins include those of baths, two theaters, a hippodrome, colonnaded streets and, under the Romans, aqueducts, a temple, a basilica and other buildings. A paved street, with double colonnade, ran from east to west. The ruts worn in the paved road by the wheels of ancient vehicles are still to be seen.  The most interesting remains of Gadara are its tombs, which dot the cliffs for a considerable distance around the city.