Month: May 2015

The Devil inside – Georgia city bows to pressure to remove Christian flag flown to promote Bible-reading marathon

A flag controversy has forced Cochran, Georgia officials to bow to pressure and take down a Christian flag flown to promote a local Bible-reading marathon sponsored by the International Bible Reading Association. The flag was flown at city hall and officials say local residents supported the decision to fly the cross-bearing banner over the government facility. The

Complete (but concise) list of Bible places – Old and New Testament biblical locations

This is list of places, lands, and countries mentioned in the Bible. Some places may be listed twice or under two different names. Hover over the biblical location name for a detailed explanation of the place (if available). A Absalom's Monument Achaia Adiabene - Neo Assyrian State Ai Akko Akkad - Mesopotamian state Ammon - Canaanite state Antioch - In Asia Minor Arabia - (in