Psalms 121 (BBT Translation)

Psalm 121 A song of ascents. 121:1 I look up toward the hills. From where does my help come? 121:2 My help comes from the LORD, the Creator of heaven and earth! 121:3 May he not allow your foot to slip! May your protector not sleep! 121:4 Look! Israel’s protector does not sleep or slumber! 121:5 The LORD is your protector; the LORD is the shade

Psalms 122 (BBT Translation)

Psalm 122 A song of ascents, by David. 122:1 I was glad because they said to me, “We will go to the LORD’s temple.” 122:2 Our feet are standing inside your gates, O Jerusalem. 122:3 Jerusalem is a city designed to accommodate an assembly. 122:4 The tribes go up there, the tribes of the LORD, where it is required that Israel give thanks to the name

Psalms 123 (BBT Translation)

Psalm 123 A song of ascents. 123:1 I look up toward you, the one enthroned in heaven. 123:2 Look, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their master, as the eyes of a female servant look to the hand of her mistress, so my eyes will look to the LORD, our God, until he shows us favor. 123:3 Show

Psalms 124 (BBT Translation)

Psalm 124 A song of ascents, by David. 124:1 “If the LORD had not been on our side” – let Israel say this! – 124:2 if the LORD had not been on our side, when men attacked us, 124:3 they would have swallowed us alive, when their anger raged against us. 124:4 The water would have overpowered us; the current would have overwhelmed us. 124:5

Psalms 125 (BBT Translation)

Psalm 125 A song of ascents. 125:1 Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion; it cannot be upended and will endure forever. 125:2 As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people, now and forevermore. 125:3 Indeed, the scepter of a wicked king will not settle upon the allotted land of the godly. Otherwise the godly might do what is

Psalms 126 (BBT Translation)

Psalm 126 A song of ascents. 126:1 When the LORD restored the well-being of Zion, we thought we were dreaming. 126:2 At that time we laughed loudly and shouted for joy. At that time the nations said, “The LORD has accomplished great things for these people.” 126:3 The LORD did indeed accomplish great things for us. We were happy. 126:4 O LORD, restore our well-being, just

Psalms 127 (BBT Translation)

Psalm 127 A song of ascents, by Solomon. 127:1 If the LORD does not build a house, then those who build it work in vain. If the LORD does not guard a city, then the watchman stands guard in vain. 127:2 It is vain for you to rise early, come home late, and work so hard for your food. Yes, he can provide

Psalms 128 (BBT Translation)

Psalm 128 A song of ascents. 128:1 How blessed is every one of the LORD’s loyal followers, each one who keeps his commands! 128:2 You will eat what you worked so hard to grow. You will be blessed and secure. 128:3 Your wife will be like a fruitful vine in the inner rooms of your house; your children will be like olive branches, as

Psalms 129 (BBT Translation)

Psalm 129 A song of ascents. 129:1 “Since my youth they have often attacked me,” let Israel say. 129:2 “Since my youth they have often attacked me, but they have not defeated me. 129:3 The plowers plowed my back; they made their furrows long. 129:4 The LORD is just; he cut the ropes of the wicked.” 129:5 May all who hate Zion be humiliated and turned

Psalms 130 (BBT Translation)

Psalm 130 A song of ascents. 130:1 From the deep water I cry out to you, O LORD. 130:2 O Lord, listen to me! Pay attention to my plea for mercy! 130:3 If you, O LORD, were to keep track of sins, O Lord, who could stand before you? 130:4 But you are willing to forgive, so that you might be honored. 130:5 I