Lucien Greaves - one of the founders of The Satanic Temple

We’re used to bizarre news when it comes to the Satanic Temple but sometimes the news is so outlandish, it appears to be fiction. Sorry, folks, but this one is 100% real. The Satanic Temple has filed a lawsuit against an advertising company for its refusal to display billboards that promote abortion as a sacred religious ritual.

The Satanic Temple (TST) filed the suit against Lamar Advertising which would not allow TST to display billboards near abortion clinics in Arkansas and Indiana to promote TST’s “ritual” practice. TST is recognized as a religious organization by the IRS. By organizing a sacred “ritual” around an abortion, TST believes it can classify an abortion as a free exercise of religion allowing them to skirt regulations such as mandatory waiting periods, counseling, minimum age requirements, pregnancy stage, etc.

According to TST, their “Satanic Abortion Rituals” are protected by religious liberty laws and are used to “sanctify the abortion process” according to TST’s “religion”. Instead, they make a mockery of the abortion process.