This byline has been popping up quite often lately as church pastors take a hard look at their controversial support for Donald Trump. On October 11, a Christian Reformed Church pastor from Holland, Michigan stepped down from his position due to the large support that his congregation has for President Donald Trump. It’s a movement that is accelerating among America’s Christian pastors.

Keith Mannes has been a pastor for 30 years and said his concern for Trump grew after several events revealed that Trump was an instrument for “things that are just not very Jesus-like”. He noted Trump’s 2017 comments after the Charlottesville protest that there were “fine people on both sides”. He also brought up Trump’s famous photo op in front of St. Johns’ Church in Washington D.C. that was made possible after protesters were tear-gassed by law enforcement to make way for Trump’s visit.

Mannes believes that America’s Christian supporters have failed to hold the president accountable for his rhetoric and actions.

“It just floors me how church-going people who read the Bible and sing the hymns can show up at a Trump rally and just do that deep bellow like an angry mob supporting these horrible things that come out of his heart and his mind. It just began to trouble me so much.”

Mannes said he knows “quite a number of pastors” who have been feeling the same disconnect over Trump.

“I think that’s a real burden on a lot of pastors’ hearts. I love these people, I love God, I love Jesus, I love the church, but there’s something happening here.”

Mannes challenged Christians to consider “the core things Jesus called us to do and be” before making their vote in the election.

“Do some serious soul searching about who you’re serving and how you’re trying to accomplish that purpose in the world,”