Family in living room reading the bible

Proverbs 22:28 says:

“Do not move an ancient boundary stone set up by your ancestors.”

This verse refers to stone markers used in ancient times to denote land boundaries. If those physical markers were removed, there would be chaos. Our forefather’s had boundaries set by their Christian faith. Sadly, these landmarks are rapidly disappearing. Without these boundaries, we face disorder, confusion, and a society where people will inevitably wish they could “return to the good old days”.

In our modern world, many things go “out of style” – including Christianity – and it’s hard to return to something that is out of style for fear of being isolated by our difference. But what the world needs today is more old-fashioned Christians. The problem we face is that many people have forgotten what a good, old-fashioned Christian looked like. Let me remind you.

An old-fashion Christian believed what the Bible said

Old-fashion Christians read the Bible regularly and knew what it said by heart. They understood that the Bible was God’s word. They didn’t question it, argue about its meaning, or try to discount parts they disagreed with. They took what the Bible said as a statement of fact. What the Bible forbade, the old-fashion Christian didn’t do. What the Bible commanded, he did without hesitation.

An old-fashion Christian was serious about being a Christian

Old-fashion Christians were not afraid to be different. In fact, they carried it as a badge of honor. They knew there was something unique about being a Christian and cared more about pleasing God than men.

Old-fashion Christians tried hard to live by the Bible. They weren’t “Sunday-only Christians” that followed God’s word on church days or after a traumatic event scared them straight. They acted like a Christian all the time – and put forth a lot of effort to do so.

Old-fashion Christians recognized the importance of church. No matter what was going on in their lives, the old-fashion Christian always attended church. In fact, church was the center of their lives.

An old-fashion Christian held tight to traditional values

Old-fashion Christians loved their freedom and would not hesitate to fight for it. Despite inconvenience and lost income, old-fashion Christians closed their businesses on Sunday. They knew a handshake was as good as a signed contract. They lived without fear and left their doors unlocked. They knew it was more important to be right than popular.

Old-fashion Christians believed in hard work. They used their wages to buy only what was needed. They used science and technology as leverage but did not allow it to replace arduous work or enslave their minds.

Old-fashion Christians recognized the importance of “courtship”. They stood by their spouse and stuck with their husband/wife for a lifetime. And despite pressing work requirements, they knew the importance of family and made time to be with the ones they loved.

Old-fashion Christians had a hatred for sin and an intense love for things that were good.

An old-fashion Christian took the time to raise children right

Old-fashion Christians didn’t need to read books about how to raise their children. They didn’t write off misbehavior as “a phase” and could care less about the opinions of psychologists. They raised their children with a stern hand with no concern of being deemed a “child abuser”. They knew the love for their children overrode any displeasure the child experienced from their discipline.

Old-fashion Christians taught their children to respect authority and demonstrated the principle by example. Old-fashion Christians didn’t request their children do right – they commanded it.

An old-fashion Christian knew what Christianity really meant

Old-fashion Christians knew sin was bad but that all men were sinners by nature. They knew Christ set the ultimate example for us to follow and that he went so far as to die for our salvation. They knew trust in Jesus was a strength, not a weakness.

Our old-fashion Christian boundaries are being removed. Can they be put back?

If you believe old-fashion Christian principles were wrong, ask any young person if they think their parents are more principled. Ask them if they think their parents work harder, are happier, wiser, and more likely to take the time to help others.

Despite falling out of style, there are still plenty of advantages to be realized from old-fashion Christianity. The question is, are we strong enough to return to the days of old…