Dutch carpenter builds Noah’s Ark replica

Dutch carpenter Johan Huibers has spent three years and over $1.6 million building a modern-day replica of Noah’s Biblical ark.  And this was his second go at it.

At first his wife was opposed to the idea but soon conceded if a smaller version of the ark were built.  Huibers began work on his first ark in May of 2005 and completed work in April 2007.  Working alone, Huibers labored 8:00 to 5:00, six days per week, and used modern day tools to build an ark using 1,200 American Cedar and Norwegian Pine trees.  The ark has three levels and measures 225 feet long, 45 feet high, and 30 feet wide which is nearly 1/2 the size of Noah’s ark.  Inside the replica are life size models of elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras and more.  At some point live animals may be added to the display.

The ark was build in the river port of Schagen (just north of Amsterdam) and later towed by tugboat through canals in the Netherlands and moored in the harbors of Rotterdam.  Visitors can pay $7 to tour the ark.  Thus far Huibers has made $3.5 million in revenue from tourists giving him a $1.4 million profit that he could use for – a second ark!


Huibers builds a full-size ark

Shortly thereafter, Huibers began work on a second, full-sized version of the ark using Swedish Pine (biblical scholars believe the “gopher wood” mentioned in the bible was some sort of pine tree).  Concessions had to be made to accommodate modern day fire and safety rules. For instance, a special anchor had to be added to classify it as a “building” and not a “boat” and special fire-retardant paint had to be applied instead of “pitch” that Noah used. Also, it uses s steel frame made from 25 steel barges drawn together to keep it rigid and safe for transportation and visitors.

In 2012, the ark will quite likely be on display in London at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Pictures of the first ark

Noah's ark moored
Head of life-size elephant inside Noah's ark replica
The Noah's Ark replica contains many cages as Noah's ark must have contained
The replica has three levels
Visitors can pay $7 to tour the ark replica
The unique design allows good air circulation and clearance for animals such as the giraffe
It even has life-size elephants in it
Loading door on the side of the ark replica
Inside the ark replica during construction
Sleeping quarters inside the ark


Pictures of the newest ark

The newest ark is a full-size replica of Noah's ark. Source: New York Times


The Ark Van Johan is sea worthy too


A birds eye view of the inside of the newest ark replica