4:1 Seven women will grab hold of
one man at that time.
They will say, “We will provide our own food,
we will provide our own clothes;
but let us belong to you –
take away our shame!”
The Branch of the Lord
4:2 At that time
the crops given by the LORD will bring admiration and honor;
the produce of the land will be a source of pride and delight
to those who remain in Israel.
4:3 Those remaining in Zion, those left in Jerusalem,
will be called “holy,”
all in Jerusalem who are destined to live.
4:4 At that time the sovereign master will wash the excrement from Zion’s women,
he will rinse the bloodstains from Jerusalem’s midst,
as he comes to judge
and to bring devastation.
4:5 Then the LORD will create
over all of Mount Zion
and over its convocations
a cloud and smoke by day
and a bright flame of fire by night;
indeed a canopy will accompany the LORD’s glorious presence.
4:6 By day it will be a shelter to provide shade from the heat,
as well as safety and protection from the heavy downpour.